Events & Training for October 2018

Translating and Commercialising Genomic Research

01 October 2018 - 03 October 2018

This second course in this series will equip professionals involved in translation of early stage genomic technologies with a better understanding of specific opportunities that are open to them. The course will impart the skills and knowledge to translate genomics research into healthcare products and services that ultimately benefit society. There has been rapid progress in genomics research over the past decade, with excellent potential for public benefit, including the development of new diagnostic products, new approaches to drug discovery and development, and stratified medicine approaches to therapy. However, translation and commercialisation paths for technologies in clinical diagnostics and the pharmaceutical sector are still emerging. This course will focus on the specific knowledge required to translate and commercialise genomics research, for example the type of IP (e.g. database rights, software copyright vs more ‘classical’ patent rights), the history and culture landscape (e.g. navigating the complexities of open source licenses for the benefit of innovation), and the use and sharing of human genetic data, including ethical and policy considerations. The programme will be delivered by entrepreneurs, investors, industry users and technology transfer professionals. The content will be delivered through lectures, discussions, case studies and group work. Together with senior investment professionals and entrepreneurs, course participants will examine and discuss real life business models employed to generate value in the pharmaceutical and clinical diagnostic space. This course is designed for a range of professionals involved in exploitation of technologies, such as business development professionals, business analysts in the investment community, innovation funders or senior researchers actively involved in translation. As the course has a specific emphasis on highlighting business models and developing spinouts as an exploitation route, it will also be useful to aspiring entrepreneurs. Through this course we aim to help build a community of professionals working in the translation of genomics and informatics.

Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK


04 October 2018

BioForward is a unique, high-quality, international conference, focussed on creating and developing a practical roadmap for early stage, emerging, and developing life sciences companies to achieve sustainable business success and growth. The one-day conference will feature: • Panel discussions on the major issues and challenges in developing biotech, pharmaceutical and medtech products • ‘How To’ sessions discussing a range of issues with key influencers and experts • A trade exhibition featuring a range of service providers who can accelerate business growth • Plenty of partnering and networking opportunities This new, annual event is aimed at professionals who are keen to gain the knowledge, skills, connectivity, and support necessary to maximise their chances of success and efficiently navigate through the various development phases to market and beyond. John Harris, CEO of OBN, said: “As the leader of a growing life sciences company it is critical to make the right decisions at the right time, minimising risk and maximising the chance of success. BioForward provides an unrivalled environment to access the very best support and advice available, from a wide variety of sources. We are excited to be launching this event, and the level of interest already expressed emphasises that BioForward will be addressing a significant and unmet need in the sector.”

Aston Webb Building, University of Birmingham, UK

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2018

09 October 2018 - 10 October 2018

ELRIG’s flagship conference, Drug Discovery, has become the largest meeting of life sciences industry professionals in the UK. Now in its 12th year, Drug Discovery 2018 will take place in London’s Excel Arena. This 2-day event will bring together more than 1200 delegates and over 100 exhibiting companies from around the world who will highlight the latest ground-breaking research, discuss cutting-edge advances in the application of laboratory technology to understand disease biology and to identify novel chemical and biological candidate drugs. Our scientific programme will feature over 50 world-class speakers in 8 main session tracks, each highlighting the latest scientific breakthroughs and new approaches that are driving this success.

Excel Arena, London, UK

Cell & Gene Therapy 2018

09 October 2018 - 10 October 2018

SMi introduces their inaugural event on Cell & Gene Therapy which takes place between the 10th and 11th October 2018, with an interactive pre-conference workshop on the 9th October. Cell and gene therapeutics have revolutionised modern medicine and mark a new generation in biomedical and agricultural sciences. The latest developments in cell and gene therapies and specifically in gene editing, technologies present unlimited research opportunities ranging from novel therapeutic tools to a potential revolution in the field of drug discovery. This year’s event will be led by scientists and clinicians researching, developing and testing new treatments for genetically inherited and acquired diseases using gene delivery technology, stem cell manipulation and DNA repair techniques. The conference will cover all aspects of the subject, including biomedical science principles, molecular basis of disease, current and developing technologies and clinical applications. The conference will be inviting speakers from global pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions Expect over 16 presentations and case studies focused on the key aspects of GMP, bioprocessing, regulatory frameworks and new therapeutic developments in in the field of cell and gene.

Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK

5th Annual Drug Discovery USA Congress

11 October 2018 - 12 October 2018

Over 350 delegates representing global pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions Over 40 presentations and case studies focused on the latest novel strategies in drug discovery and genomic screening, alongside computational and medicinal chemistry 4 Interactive Streams: Day 1 Stream 1: Drug Discovery Innovation and Strategies Day 2 Stream 1: Phenotypic and Genomic Drug Discovery Day 1 Stream 2: Computational Chemistry and Informatics for Drug Discovery Day 2 Stream 2: Part 1: Novel Approaches to Drug Design Part 2: DNA Encoded Libraries 14 pre-scheduled one to one meetings, exhibition and informal networking opportunities This event is co-located with the 3rd Annual Biomarkers and Precision Medicine USA Congress and our inaugural Advances in Immuno-Oncology USA Congress

San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA, USA

Orphan Drugs and Rare Diseases Conference

17 October 2018 - 18 October 2018

This year’s SMi’s Orphan Drugs and Rare Diseases Conference will bring together regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical companies, non-profit organisations and orphan drugs developers to construct an agenda that addresses the driving economic factors, policies and issues that will affect the development of orphan drugs globally including commercialisation, policies, reimbursement, and pricing. Keep up to date with the industry and to learn from expert speaker panel, bringing you important new case studies and reports on this year’s relevant topics. Topics include: Clinical development of treatments for rare disease, innovative funding partnerships, synergies between regulators and health and technology assessors, cell and gene therapy, patient self-diagnosis, patient recruitment and patient-centric research, patient access and access to patients, regulatory guidelines, strategic partnerships, pricing and reimbursement, patient advocacy groups, real-world evidence and many others

Holiday Inn, Kensington Forum, London, UK

European Drug Safety Summit 2018

17 October 2018 - 18 October 2018

ACI’s European Drug Safety Summit 2018 will be taking place on the 17th & 18th October, London, UK. The two day event will bring together pharmacovigilance personnel from key pharmaceutical companies and will address the challenges in monitoring and maintaining drug safety strategies, will discuss how to apply new technologies and strategic approaches to effectively manage drug safety and will discover key developments in the handling, analysis and reporting of adverse events during trials and understand the regulators requirements with the aim of speeding drugs to market whilst mitigating the risk of recall. Topics Include: Meeting Safety Requirement: Regulator’s Perspective Building a Pharmacovigilance Strategy Evolving PV Strategies for Tomorrow Technological Advancement in Pharmacovigilance Clinical Data Management The Role of Big Data and Social Media in PV Ensure Drug Safety & Risk Minimisation Measures Latest Development & Innovation Approach for Effective Signal Management Development of Qualified Personal Responsible for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) Pharmacovigilance for Advanced Therapies

tbc. London, UK

Lab Innovations 2018

31 October 2018 - 01 November 2018

Lab Innovations is the UK’s only trade exhibition dedicated to the laboratory industry and attracts laboratory professionals who are looking for the latest innovations and services. It is the nation’s largest gathering of laboratory manufacturers and suppliers, making it an important event for powering the business of Science. Supported by some of the UK’s top science institutions it has fast become the event to attend for the laboratory industry.

NEC, North Ave, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT

Lab Innovations

31 October 2018 - 01 November 2018

Lab Innovations is the UK’s only event dedicated to the laboratory industry. It is the nation’s largest gathering of laboratory manufacturers, suppliers and professionals, and with the support of some of the UK’s top science institutions it has fast become the laboratory event to attend. As an attendee you’ll be met by a line-up of over 135 leading suppliers showcasing their latest products, services and innovative new technologies. Every year 100's of products are launched at lab innovations offering you the opportunity to get first access to cutting edge solutions. The event is complemented by a free-to-attend programme of inspiring seminars, engaging show features and numerous networking opportunities, with well-known science commentators Maggie Philbin and Steve Mould headlining the Royal Society of Chemistry theatre.

National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK