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Cyprotex announces free access to visualization tool Cloe® Knowledge

Cyprotex is giving researchers free online access to its database of the ADME and pharmacokinetic properties of marketed drugs via its online Cloe® Knowledge data visualization and interpretation tool.

Free access is available via Cyprotex’s Cloe® Gateway online portal,

Cloe Knowledge categorizes marketed drugs according to the 2009 WHO ATC/DDD drug index, so the database is searchable by therapeutic area. Cloe Knowledge’s compound property visualization tools enable relationships between different ADME and phys-chem properties to be viewed on either 2D or 3D scatter plots.

Commenting on the announcement, Dr Anthony D. Baxter, Cyprotex's CEO, said: ‘Cyprotex believes in sharing its knowledge with the scientific community. Our Cloe Knowledge database of marketed drugs has been compiled and continuously updated based on extensive literature values and data generated in our own laboratories.

‘Although some of the data are already available in the public domain, often they have not been conveniently compiled, and certainly not accessible through a powerful visualization and interpretation tool such as the one Cloe Knowledge provides. We believe that free access to these data via Cloe Knowledge will help advance drug discovery, especially within the resource-constrained academic community.’

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