Drug Discovery Today: March 2014 Issue

The latest issue of Drug Discovery Today is packed full of industry focused research articles, new developments in drug discovery, and expert comment and opinion.

Our March 2014 issue review highlights include:

·        Adipokines as drug targets in joint and bone diseases
·        Targeting the Nucleolus for Cancer-Specific Activation of p53
·        Computational Proteomics
·        The conformational musings of a medicinal chemist
Cover Story
The lead story in this issue of Drug Discovery Today is by Morena Scotece, Javier Conde, Katriina Vuolteenaho, Anna Koskinen, Veronica López, Juan Gómez-Reino, Francisca Lago, Eeva Moilanen and Oreste Gualillo, entitled:  “Adipokines as drug targets in joint and bone diseases”. The article makes the case that therapeutic strategies aimed to counteract dysregulation of proinflammatory adipokine production could be effective in cartilage and bone diseases.
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