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Drug Discovery Online Journals form a resource of review content aligning the approaches and results of biomedical research with the specific requirements of the drug discovery process.  All together these online only titles will evolve to create a comprehensive resource of cutting edge information and will act as a one-stop-shop for high quality content.

The  titles in the series are:

    * Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models
    * Drug Discovery Today: Technologies

They are published quarterly and each issue is themed.

Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models

Editors-in-Chief: Jan Tornell and Andrew McCulloch

Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models presents the latest non-human experimental models of human disease and aim to systematically cover in vitro, in vivo and in silico modelling. Reviews provide a critical assessment and comparison of models in connection with the molecular etiology and pathogenesis of human disease, new therapeutics and basic toxicology.

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Drug Discovery Today: Technologies

Editors-in-Chief: Kelvin Lam and Henk Timmerman

Drug Discovery Today: Technologies systematically review of the latest technologies and methods as well as improvements to established ones, that are relevant to drug discovery and development: from expression systems, to high-throughput technologies, to detailed bioinformatics and beyond.

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