Emergence of zebrafish models in oncology for validating novel anticancer drug targets and nanomaterials

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The zebrafish (Danio rerio) as an in vivo model organism offers great promise to investigate the molecular mechanisms of diverse human diseases, including cancers, because it constitutes a simple and cost effective animal model for performing some genetic alterations and large-scale experiments with high reproducibility


The in vivo zebrafish models have recently attracted great attention in
molecular oncology to investigate multiple genetic alterations associated
with the development of human cancers and validate novel anticancer
drug targets. Particularly, the transparent zebrafish models can be used as a
xenotransplantation system to rapidly assess the tumorigenicity and
metastatic behavior of cancer stem and/or progenitor cells and their
progenies. Moreover, the zebrafish models have emerged as powerful tools
for an in vivo testing of novel anticancer agents and nanomaterials for
counteracting tumor formation and metastases and improving the efficacy
of current radiation and chemotherapeutic treatments against aggressive,
metastatic and lethal cancers.


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