Nanobodies as therapeutics big opportunities for small antibodies

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This review provides an extensive overview of the current state of all the possible therapeutic and diagnostic uses of nanobodies.

Members of the Camelidae (including camels and llamas) produce, in

addition to conventional antibodies (Ab), a unique type of Ab that lacks
light chains. The variable antigen-binding domains derived from these Ab
are named ‘nanobodies’ (Nbs). Nbs exert high specificity and affinity and,
when properly selected, are more stable than conventional Ab.
Furthermore, their toxicity and immunogenicity are both low. They are
easy to produce and their modularity makes them amenable for the
generation of multivalent complexes. In this review, we discuss how Nbs
are being explored as therapeutics in many fields of medicine, including
oncology, inflammatory, infectious and neurological diseases, and
imaging. In addition, we highlight their potential for use in the diagnosis
and monitoring of diseases. Finally, we provide an extended overview of
Nbs that are, or have been, involved in clinical trials.

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