Mucoadhesive polymers in the treatment of dry X syndrome

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Mucoadhesive polymers are able to provide protection or even mucus substitution for leaky mucus barriers associated with a dry eye, dry mouth, and dry vagina, collectively named ‘dry X syndrome’.

Mucoadhesive polymers are an essential tool in the treatment of diseases where dry mucosal surfaces are involved. In this review, we focus on the application of mucoadhesive polymers in the context of dry eye, dry mouth, and dry vagina syndrome, collectively named ‘dry X syndrome’. With a prolonged residence time on mucosal membranes, mucoadhesive materials are as targeted treatment option, with the mucosa as an intended site of action. Thus, mucoadhesive polymers are able to ease local irritation or itching, alleviate chewing difficulties, improve tear-film break-up time, and help to restore physiological conditions. Here, we discuss the different classes of mucoadhesive material and their performance in the treatment

of dry X syndrome.

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