The emerging role of copper 64 radiopharmaceuticals as cancer theranostics

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Copper radioisotopes are emerging as potent tools for developing unprecedented clinical approaches for cancer treatment by exploiting the intrinsic biological properties of ionic copper and the richness of copper chemistry.

Copper radionuclides are rapidly emerging as potential diagnostic and therapeutic tools in oncology, particularly 64Cu-radiopharmaceuticals for targeting neuroendocrine, prostate, and hypoxic tumors. Unexpectedly, experimental results are also revealing the impressive biological behavior of simple [ 64Cu2+] ions. For example, it has been demonstrated that administration of ionic [ 64Cu2+] in physiological solution allows the selective targeting of a variety of malignancies. These remarkable biological properties appear to be crucially linked to the natural role of copper ions in cell proliferation. Here, we review the current status of 64Cu-radiopharmaceuticals in molecular imaging and cancer therapy.

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