Adverse drug reactions on sexual functioning: a systematic overview

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More than 300 drugs are registered that have sexual adverse drug reactions.

 Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) that diminish sexual functioning can seriously affect a person’s quality of life and can also affect drug adherence. However, no comprehensive overview on the subject is available and a lack of knowledge among healthcare professionals might be present. This systematic review of Summary of Products Characteristics identified 346 drugs registered with at least one sexual ADR. The drug class ‘nervous system’ (N) was represented most frequently with 105 drugs, followed by ‘cardiovascular system’ (C) with 89 drugs. For 16 drugs an incidence rate for sexual ADR of >10% was reported and for 98 drugs there was an incidence rate >1%. Because sexual ADRs occur in frequently used drugs, they should be considered in clinical practice to optimize drug treatment.

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