Foundation review: Antiangiogenic therapy using nanotechnological-based delivery system

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Of the many approaches for the treatment of cancer, angiogenesis and the additional promotion of apoptosis in cancer stem cells by using combinatorial therapy is usually the most recommended. There has been increased interest in the use of antiapoptotic and antiangiogenic biomolecules, such as antiangiogenic microRNA, small interfering RNA, inhibitor of apoptosis protein-binding peptides and Von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressors, as well as targeting ligands, such as aptamers. Therefore, it is tempting to suggest that such molecules could be used for anticancer therapy.

Carcinogenesis is a multistep process, resulting from a combination of environmental and genetic factors. It leads to a series of genetic and epigenetic changes that occur at various stages in the development and progression of the disease.

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