Label-free whole-cell assays: expanding the scope of GPCR screening

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A new class of instruments offers an unprecedented combination of label-free detection with exquisite sensitivity to live-cell responses. These instruments can quantify G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) signaling through Gs, Gi and Gq pathways and in some cases distinguish G-protein coupling, with sensitivity high enough to detect endogenous receptors.

The authors review emerging data evaluating impedance- and optical-based label-free instruments for GPCR drug discovery. In comparison with traditional GPCR assays, they highlight strengths, weaknesses and future opportunities for label-free biosensors. The ability to qualitatively distinguish G-protein coupling has groundbreaking potential for assessing functional selectivity, a concept that is changing the way GPCR pharmacology is defined and screening strategies are designed.

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