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New solution for compounds against human kinome

Promega Corporation has partnered with SignalChem Pharmaceuticals to launch a complete kinase solution for the profiling of lead compounds against kinases representative of all major families of the kinome.

Using this single platform, scientists can profile lead compounds in their own laboratories without a loss in sensitivity. The solution is accomplished by combining an expanding series of Kinase Enzyme Systems with Promega ADP-Glo™ Kinase Assay.

The Kinase Enzyme Systems – used in concert with the ADP-Glo Kinase Assay – provide all of the necessary tools for drug screeners to profile inhibitors against the human kinome for off-target effects. Each Kinase System is composed of a unique protein kinase enzyme, cognate kinase substrate and enzyme buffer and has been optimized and quality controlled with the ADP-Glo Assay.

‘This partnering of SignalChem’s kinase reagents with the Promega ADP-Glo detection assay for kinases is an ideal fit,’ said Jasbinder Sanghera, Ph.D., President and CSO of SignalChem Pharmaceuticals. ‘Now researchers can obtain all the necessary components to test protein kinase inhibition from a single source while still obtaining the level of sensitivity obtained with traditional radiometric assays.’

Each Kinase Enzyme System will be available as a stand-alone enzyme system or will be sold together with ADP-Glo Assay.

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