Cyprotex officially open new toxicology laboratory

Today, David Rutley, MP for Macclesfield, will officially open Cyprotex’s new toxicology facility – branded as Cyprotox® – at its headquarters in Macclesfield, UK.

Dr Anthony Baxter, Cyprotex’s CEO, commented: ‘We are delighted to officially launch our new venture. The event brings together everyone who made this happen from the contractors (P&A Services) who built the facility, the brand agency (Verve Brands) who helped us to design and market the new service, to the Cyprotex staff responsible for managing the process and validating the assays.

‘The expansion would not have been possible without our customers and I would also like to thank them for their continued support and contribution in transforming Cyprotex into the successful business it is today.’

The additional 90 square metres of laboratory space houses a Thermo Scientific Cellomics ArrayScan® VTI High Content Screening Reader. This technology is considered to be a breakthrough in terms of in vitro toxicity testing because multiple markers of toxicity can be analysed in a single cell, which improves sensitivity and prediction of toxic effect.

Cyprotex’s expansion into the toxicology market has been enhanced by its recent acquisition of USA-based Apredica and Cellumen’s novel CellCiphrTM informatics platform and assets. As well as an additional four Cellomics High Content Screening instruments in the USA, Cyprotex can now provide a combination of in vitro ADME, in vitro toxicology and proprietary predictive technology.

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