Elsevier Announces the Anxiety and Depression: 21st Neuropharmacology Conference

Elsevier, the leading publisher of scientific, technical and medicalinformation products and services, today announced that the Anxiety andDepression: 21st Neuropharmacology Annual Conference will take place in Virginia, USA on 10-11 November 2011 as a satellite to the 2011 Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience.

Anxiety and depression are amongst the most common brain disorders, with significant consequences for the individual and society. The 21st Neuropharmacology annual conference will bring together the leading experts in the field of psychiatry, neuroscience and pharmacology to present and discuss the latest research.

The scientific committee composed of acknowledged opinion leaders in anxiety and depression from across the spectrum of research areas will work alongside organizers from Elsevier to develop a multidisciplinary programme.
"The 21st Neuropharmacology Conference on Anxiety and Depression provides researchers with a marvelous opportunity to share knowledge and network with their peers," said Michael Osuch, executive publisher at Elsevier.
Among the topics covered at the Anxiety and Depression Conference are:
    - Emerging Therapeutic Targets in Depression
    - Emerging Therapeutic Targets in Anxiety
    - Animal Models
    - Genetics and Epigenetics in Depression and Anxiety
    - Imaging
    - Developmental Aspects of Anxiety and Depression
    - Neuronal Circuits Underlying Anxiety and Depression
    - Fear Extinction
    - Mechanism of Action of Antidepressants and Anxiolytics
    Attendees are welcome to register at:

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