Drug Discovery Today: June Issue

The latest issue of Drug Discovery Today is packed full of industry focused research articles, new developments in drug discovery, and expert comment and opinion.

Our June issue review highlights include:

·          Reactions and enzymes in the metabolism of drugs
·          Immunocytokines: potent armed antibodies
·          Network medicine in drug designing for neuroinflammation
·          Marine tunicate anticancer compounds
Cover Story
The leading story of this issue of Drug Discovery Today, by Bernard Testa, Alessandro Pedretti and Giulio Vistol offers an overview of the compared quantitative importance of biotransformation reactions in the metabolism of drugs and other xenobiotics, based on a meta-analysis of current research interests. The authors also assess the relative significance of the enzyme (super)families or categories catalysing these reactions. They put the facts unveiled by the analysis into a drug discovery context and draw some implications.
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