EFIC-Grünenthal Grant: improve the understanding of pain and its therapy

Unique funding opportunity for young scientists from across Europe! Young researchers are invited to contribute with innovative research ideas and to apply for the EFIC-Gruenenthal Grant (E-G-G) 2012, one of the most highly regarded grants worldwide in the field of pain research.

 Provided by the European Federation of IASP(R) Chapters (EFIC(R)) and the pharmaceutical company and pain expert Gruenenthal, this grant gives young talented scientists the opportunity to translate their excellent ideas into clinical research projects. Scientists can submit their research projects online at until the end of 2012.


Gruenenthal donates a total of EUR 200,000 for the biennial grant, which is shared between the awarded scientists and is intended to support them early in their career. The individual grants are valued at up to EUR 40,000 per project for a duration of up to two years. The decision of the awards is made independently by the EFIC(R) Committee on Research.


The EFIC Gruenenthal Grant aims at finding and supporting young pain researchers whose work will define how we understand and treat pain in the future. Learn more about the EFIC-Gruenenthal Grant on the E-G-G Youtube Channel [].


Guidelines, Quality Criteria and online application forms can be found at Interested young scientists can submit their research projects online by December 31st 2012.

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