Don't Sit On It!

What does a porcupine, a handful of newly sharpened pencils and a festival loo seat have in common? They all come with a warning: 'Don't Sit On It'!

Although people would rather put up with the sometimes excruciating pain in the bum caused by piles rather than deal with it, a brave new campaign launched by The Haemorrhoid Centre  aims to change all that. 

'Don't Sit On It' will break taboos and remove the embarrassment of piles by talking about this all-too-common condition, sharing experiences and offering advice on the latest treatment, which will put an end to the problem for once and for all.
Realising at this point that bowel health is still a delicate matter, the 'Don't Sit On It' campaign takes an indirect and light-hearted approach though the use of imagery and anecdotes to encourage discussion and engagement in an issue which will affect a large proportion of the population at some stage in their lives.
 'Don't Sit On It' is pertinent advice, especially as one of the main symptoms of piles
- bleeding from the bottom - can indicate something more serious such as Bowel Cancer.
Chances are it will be piles but rather than live in doubt better to rule it out.
The message is that you shouldn't have to put up with the embarrassment and inconvenience of piles because there is an advanced treatment available which offers less pain and faster recovery, so there really is no excuse. In other words: Don't Sit on It!

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