Drug Discovery Today: November Issue

The latest issue of Drug Discovery Today is packed full of industry focused research articles, new developments in drug discovery, and expert comment and opinion.

Our November issue review highlights includes:

·        Molecular imaging in glioblastoma
·        The renaissance of phenotypic screening in drug discovery
·        A decade of online resources supporting drug discovery
·        Novel Anti-cholinergics in COPD 
Cover Story
The leading story of this issue of Drug Discovery Today by Monika A. Jarzabek, Kieron J. Sweeney, Rhys L. Evans, Andreas H. Jacobs, Roger Stupp, Donncha O’Brien, Mitchel S. Berger, Jochen H.M. Prehnand Annette T. Byrne outlines how molecular imaging (MI)can play a key part in glioblastoma therapies against multiple cancer hallmarks. Furthermore, they describe how other imaging modalities (MRI) can provide predictive biomarkers for the development of antiangiogenics and how techniques such as PET can be used to support the development of targeted therapy. They propose that implementation of MI in gene therapy protocols supports improved clinical outcome. 
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