Novel nanonization technology enhances API solubility

CPhI announces exhibitors latest product news and Awards finalists ahead of showCPhI Pharma Award Finalists.Best Innovation in Process DevelopmentAPI Corporation: A novel and practical synthesis of highly functionalized pharmaceuticals through C-H activation;Bachem: Pioneering breakthrough in the chemical synthesis of Interferon ß-1a;Codexis: Enzymes for Green and Scalable Biocatalytic OxidationsBest Innovation in FormulationBitop: Ectoin - a new natural ingredient with proven efficacy;Camurus: FluidCrystal Injection depotEmulTech: Microfluidic platform for controlled development;Best Innovation in PackagingE-Pharma Trento: E-PHARMA TRENTO SpA;Doctor Pack India: MAGIC CAP;Neutroplast: Vaginal applicator

On 16th September, CPhI released its CPhI Pharma Awards finalists and some of the new product announcements of its exhibitors ahead of CPhI Worldwide 2013- featuring products and services ranging from nanonization of APIs to sterile water-for-injection solutions. The product announcement comes prior to the conference in Frankfurt (taking place 22-24 October at Messe Frankfurt), allowing attendees to maximise on the latest innovations seen across the pharmaceutical industry before the show. Additionally, you will also be able to hear from the awards’ finalists during their individual sessions at the Speaker’s Corners:

Blank canvas offered at CPhI
In contrast to CMOs traditionally offering fixed equipment capabilities, SCM Pharma will be attending CPhI to offer pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to design their clinical and contract manufacturing projects from a ‘blank’ canvas. The CMO, which specialises in the sterile manufacturing of drug products, is offering cleanroom space at their new 26k sq. ft. site, allowing customers to design their own projects based on their specific manufacturing requirements. SCM Pharma’s new site houses cutting-edge technology for aseptic processing and terminal sterilisation capabilities, which will facilitate the handling of highly potent, flammable and toxic products, along with controlled drugs. With space for late stage and commercial scale projects, the CPhI exhibitor is able to work alongside companies with more complex needs in developing novel processes within, for example, unusual drug dosage forms and smaller fill volumes.
API technology solves solubility issues
As a key formulations issue, poor API solubility has proved to be a significant challenge within the pharmaceutical industry. However, NETZSCH will be present at CPhI Worldwide, providing the latest solution with their agitator bead mill DeltaVita®. The DeltaVita® features a range of models, from small laboratory- to production-size machines, all having been specially designed to effectively enhance API solubility and, in turn, improve efficacy. By enabling users to consistently generate particle sizes of below 100 nanometers, the technology results in APIs with increased surface area, solubility and bioavailability. Nanonization provides distinguished advantages including a more targeted delivery of genes and vaccines. The increased bioavailability also means that the amount of API required will be sufficiently reduced, bearing multiple advantages including cost-efficiency, reduced risk and fewer side effects of the finished product. Attendees at CPhI Worldwide will be able to visit NETZSCH to discover the DeltaVita® series which provides an advanced, scalable and reproducible product offering. 
Vetter extends filling capabilities backed by 5-years of data
Further, supported by five-years of stability data, Vetter will be showcasing their sterile water-for-injection (sWFI) solution. The CDMO has collated substantial data and adopted a bracketing concept to offer a filling service for high-quality sWFI syringes, creating a longer shelf life for drugs, and providing high flexibility when defining the required filling volume.
Drugs are often lyophilized in order to reduce sensitivity to environmental factors- this process ensures that drugs maintain a longer shelf life. However, the drug must be returned to its original state by being dissolved in a solvent to allow for treatment to a patient and it is Vetter’s unparalleled solution that facilitates safe and simple handling of this process. The intelligent filling system is able to load the exact amount of solvent required by a customer, to generate the correct dosage. Further benefiting customers, Vetter’s syringes are fully equipped with effective protection features, including a tamper-evident closure, to provide ultimate product security. The company has the capability to manufacture batches of up to 120,000 / 140,000 pieces and is ICH compliant- with documentation already existing for the USA, Europe and Japan for customers looking to break into international markets.
“An ever greater number of manufacturers are looking for options to enable a safe and simple administration of lyophilized drugs. Our filling service for WFI syringes represents a reliable and patient-friendly solution offering our customers high-flexibility due to Vetter’s bracketing concept, and fast time-to-market by using the ready-to-submit documents. In addition to documents for approval in the USA and Europe, we also have all the necessary documentation for Japan available for pharmaceutical and biotech firms, which can considerably abridge the approval process” Peter Soelkner, Managing Director of Vetter.
Grga & Melita offering hi-spec laboratory furniture solutions
Croatian based company Grga & Melita will be bringing 20-years of experience in producing high-spec laboratory furniture to CPhI. Their latest GIM lab laboratory furniture has been manufactured in accordance with the highest European standards by a team of experienced designers and lab specialists.
Grga & Melita offer tailor made solutions for products including fume hoods, laboratory sinks and work benches, whilst also offering a wife range of safety cabinets for storage of acids, lyses, poisons, flammables and compressed gas cylinders. By providing unique construction solutions and an individual approach, the GIM lab laboratory furniture is distinctive within the market.
CPhI is hosting the latest products and services offered by companies across the pharmaceutical industry from 22 – 24 October with further exhibitors announcing their latest news and innovations at the press conference taking place across the entire three days.  

Chris Kilbee - Group Director Pharma, commenting on the announcements: “We are delighted to share the latest services on offer from exhibiting companies at CPhI Worldwide. We have witnessed an array of novel products, clearly showcasing the extensive and committed innovations across the pharmaceutical sector. By providing this platform, we have given the industry the opportunity to see what is on offer ahead of the show to allow them to further maximise their time at the event”.

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