Drug Discovery Today: February 2014 Issue. Special Issue on Systems Biology

The latest issue of Drug Discovery Today is packed full of industry focused research articles, new developments in drug discovery, and expert comment and opinion.

Our February issue is a special issue on Systems Biology, with guest Editors Manuel Peitsch and David de Graaf; review highlights includes:

·        Systems biology in drug discovery and development
·        Genomics and transcriptomics in drug discovery
·        Text mining for systems biology
Cover Story
This issue of Drug Discovery Today is a special issue, fully devoted to the discipline of Systems Biology. The guest Editor of this issue, Manuel Peitsch, has selected a wide range of articles related to the current state of play of this field of science. The leading article of the issue is from Ellen L. Berg, entitled: “Systems biology in drug discovery and development”, which provides an overview of the impact that systems biology has had and continues to have on drug discovery.
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