Health Fabric launches the Blue Button Concept at NHS Expo

Health Fabric will launch the Blue Button Concept at the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2014, which takes place in Manchester, on March 3rd and 4th. Health Fabric has worked with NHS England to enable the ‘Blue Button’ concept, orginally from the US, which allows patients to share their information. This is done by implementing the ‘Standard Clinical Headings’ – formally known as the Clinical Documentation and Generic Record Standards (CDGRS).

Health Fabric is a complete plaform for integrated care which integrates patient information from various clinical systems and then allows the patient to share this information with clinicians, friends and family to enable better outcomes. The platform is aimed at patients with long term conditions and strives to allow them to self manage all aspects of their health, including their medication, life style, clinical records, care and feedback.

Vendelletta Daley, a patient who has been using the Health Fabric solution for her Type 2 Diabetes since August 2013, says “I have found Health Fabric extremely useful, the help and support provided have improved my physical health, as well as my emotional state, as I feel much more confident in managing my health needs. The summary report is a great idea, as I include a lot of information in the app the abilty to create a snapshot of this is really important. I love that it’s personalised and my daughter can check my progress at any time.”
Health Fabric CEO, Satnam Bains, mentions “We are very excited to show our solution to health professionals, patients and visitors of the expo in Manchaster. We believe that, by integrating all aspects of health and care, patients with complex conditions will be able to self manage their health better, thus increasing their chances for better outcomes and general well being. We are also confident that by sharing the information with their carers, friends and family, patients will have the opportunity to lead a more comfortable life and prevent health incidents.”
About Health Fabric
Health Fabric is an application that can be downloaded on mobile devices which allows patients to have access to their own health and social care information, with integrated Telehealth.
Health Fabric helps patients manage their own condition, whilst also enabling family, friends, carers and clinicians to work together to create better health and social outcomes for the patient. It improves communication and care co-ordination through an interactive application.
Key Features:
·        Integrated information from Primary and Acute Clinical Systems
·        Self-care / Shared decision making, active participation by patients in their care through development of a personalised care plan
·        Condition Monitoring – Telehealth and Health Measurements
·        Patient Recorded Outcome Measures
·        Medication Management
·        Integrated health Social Media

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