Accinov, the Innovation Centre of Lyonbiopole, obtains the authorization to open a pharmaceutical site from the French Health authority (ANSM)

Lyonbiopole announces that the French Health authority (ANSM) delivered to Accinov, its Innovation Centre, the authorization to open a pharmaceutical site. This authorization will allow Accinov to support the companies hosted in the Centre for the production of biological drugs for clinical trials in particular with the pharmaceutical responsibility of Accinov

On September 11th, the French Health authority (ANSM) delivered to Accinov the authorization to open a pharmaceutical site in its facilities located in Lyon-Gerland Biodistrict. This authorization followed an application submitted by Accinov to the ANSM and a favorable inspection completed on the site by the French Agency.

The authorization allows Accinov to provide companies involved in drug development programs with ready-to-use industrial facilities and pharmaceutical support services including quality assurance and batch release. Indeed, the ambition of Accinov is to ease and support the manufacturing of innovative biological drugs. Therefore, with this authorization, Accinov is now able to fulfill the needs of biopharmaceutical companies who want to start manufacturing GMP batches with a lot of flexibility and a full control of their know-how.

This authorization enables Accinov to achieve a new stage in the development of its unique biomanufacturing business model in Europe.

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