Molecular Profiles to Launch US Strategic Alliance At AAPS

Molecular Profiles Ltd., a subsidiary of Columbia Laboratories, Inc., (Nasdaq: CBRX) and Maryland-based Xceleron have announced a collaboration to assist drug developers with improved efficiency during clinical development that will be launched at AAPS in San Diego next week.

This partnership extends Molecular Profiles’ new ROADMAP to Clinical Trials enabling technologies platform, which it launched earlier this month. The company also has complementary collaborations in place with Onyx Scientific and XenoGesis that broaden its expertise to give clients an end-to-end solution using a connected network of industry experts allowing it to compete with larger CROs. 

Xceleron’s expertise in the use of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) analytical technology in pharmaceutical product applications will be added to ROADMAP, which was created to support companies with the rapid development of both standard and complex drug products.

Along with improving the quality and accuracy of clinical data based on drug disposition, the transatlantic alliance aims to support early proof of concept studies and to assist drug innovators with more assured translation. 

Claire Madden-Smith, commercial director at Molecular Profiles, said: “We are very pleased to have this alliance with Xceleron given the company’s well-respected and long-standing reputation in the AMS technology field on an international level. 

“Our partnership model is about bringing best in class specialist contract service providers together to give clients a clear pathway of how to take compounds from early stage work all the way through clinical trials.

“The Xceleron offering is a natural addition to our ROADMAP to Clinical Trials platform, which is about assisting clients in choosing a development pathway that will be the most time, cost and volume efficient route forward,” added Claire.

Established in 1998, specialty analytical company Xceleron has a global client base and primarily designs preclinical and clinical investigations around the unique analytical features of AMS to improve R&D efficiency. 

Michael Butler, chief executive officer at Xceleron, said: “Our customers have preferentially developed late-stage assets over the past five years and the lessons learned point towards a greater role for science and technology in early biopharmaceutics. I believe our alliance with Molecular Profiles is firmly at the centre of this current opportunity and market need. 

“Looking at Molecular Profiles’ ROADMAP to Clinical Trials platform, we believe there is an opportunity to add our complementary analytical technology to the process. This gives our clients the option to investigate the impact of solid state and formulations on human disposition at a very early stage. 

“Given both companies have a strong foothold in the US and Europe, we have high hopes for a very active relationship with our colleagues at Molecular Profiles,” added Michael. 

Over the last two decades, Molecular Profiles has built a strong reputation in advanced characterisation, IP consultancy and sophisticated analytical services. The company also manufactures a range of finished dosage forms for clinical trials spanning solids, liquids, semi-solids and inhaled products, including potent compounds and controlled drugs, from its MHRA-licensed facility. 

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