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Oxford University launches new vaccinology programme

Vaccine developers with insight into the latest advances will be drivers of innovation within the vaccine industry, yet there is a lack of available training courses in the field.

In response to this, the new Oxford Vaccinology Programme has been launched by the Jenner Institute, in collaboration with the University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education.

The courses will be taught by researchers from the University of Oxford and the Institute of Animal Health, complemented by guest speakers, including Dr David Salisbury (Director of Immunisation, UK Department of Health), Dr Alan Saul (Chairman, Novartis Vaccine Foundation), Dr Diane Williamson (UK Defence Science & Technology Laboratory), Dr James Merson (VP of Vaccines Research, Pfizer UK) and Professor Adrian Hill (Director of the Jenner Institute, University of Oxford).

The three short courses in the programme are aimed at research scientists, programme managers, clinical trial coordinators, physicians, veterinarians, those from industry and academia who already work in the field, and others who are seeking to enter it. The courses available are:

  • Human and Veterinary Vaccinology 9–13 November 2009 (five-day course)
  • Clinical Vaccine Development 16–17 November 2009 (two-day course)
  • Vaccine Biomanufacturing 18–19 November 2009 (two-day course)

The aim of the Oxford Vaccinology Programme is to provide a leading educational programme in vaccinology tailored to the needs of academia and industry alike by sharing the expertise of Jenner Investigators, both at the Institute for Animal Health and across the University of Oxford, complemented by the views and experience of distinguished outside speakers.

The Jenner Institute, which was founded in November 2005, was formed as a research partnership between the University of Oxford and the Institute of Animal Health. Vaccines developed by Jenner Institute Investigators against malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and influenza are currently in field trials in the UK and in the developing world. Research is also underway on livestock vaccines against foot-and-mouth disease, avian influenza, bovine tuberculosis and other key causes of economic loss. The CPD Centre offers a variety of workshops, seminars, short courses, certificates, diplomas and Master’s degrees, as well as online courses across a wide range of disciplines.

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