The May issue of Drug Discovery Today is a Special Issue and will be published very soon

The latest issue of Drug Discovery Today will soon be published very soon. It is a Special Issue on Novel Nanotherapeutic Strategies: Fabrication Approaches, Application and Clinical Challenges

Featuring in the May issue of Drug Discovery Today are the following articles

Novel Nanotherapeutic Strategies: Fabrication Approaches, Application and Clinical Challenges


Strategies for enhanced intracellular delivery of nanomaterials

Recent advances in galactose engineered nanocarriers for site specific delivery of siRNA and anticancer drugs   

Facilitating the Translation of Nanomedicines to a Clinical Product: Challenges and Opportunities

Design Strategies for Physical Stimuli-Responsive Programmable Nanotherapeutics


Personalized Nanomedicine for CNS diseases


Circulatory Cells-Mediated Nanotherapeutic Approaches in Disease Targeting

Carbon Nanomaterials in Oncology: An Expanding Horizon

Nano Drug Delivery with Microneedles

Nanomedicine safety in preclinical and clinical development: focus on idiosyncratic injection/infusion reactions

Applications of stimuli-responsive nano-scale drug delivery systems in translational research

Macromolecule Nanotherapeutics: Approaches and Challenges

Light-triggerable formulations for the intracellular controlled release of proteins and RNAbased therapeutics

Stem Cells as Vehicle and Target of Nanoparticles

Nose-to-brain drug delivery: a critical review on the role of nanovehicles

Thymoquinone-Based Nanotechnology for Cancer Therapy: Promises and Challenges

Nanomedicine as a potential approach to empower the new strategies for the treatment of preeclampsia

Navigating albumin-based nanoparticles through various drug delivery routes

Recent Advances in Near-Infrared Light Responsive Nanocarriers for Cancer Therapy

Advances in Glycosylation-Mediated Targeted Drug Delivery

Advances of Block Copolymer Based Nanoformulations for Long-Term Therapy

Nanodiamonds Applications in Skin Preparations: Skin Toxicity

Cancer theranostic applications of Lipid-based nanoparticles


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