Goodfellow’s ‘Mr. Material’ app tests scientific knowledge during lockdown

Looking for new ways to test your knowledge during the lockdown? Leading global supplier of research materials, Goodfellow, has recently updated its Mr. Material game, a free educational app which tests the extent of your periodic table knowledge.

Mr. Material was originally created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Mendeleev’s periodic table, an iconic and vital tool for anybody in the scientific community, whether you’re a student, researcher, teacher or just have a general interest in science. It’s an interactive, fun and free game aimed at testing the user’s scientific knowledge on the periodic table and all 118 elements. 

The aim of the game is to answer questions as quickly as possible and rank on the leaderboard. The more quickly players answer each question, the higher the score. There are 20 different levels which have a mixed set of questions relating to various aspects of the periodic table, with an additional 20 new levels being added every few months. Each player has three lives at the start of every level, however if they fail to answer a question correctly or take too long, a life will be lost. Lose all three lives and you’ll have to restart the level, losing all your points.
There’s also a ‘share your score’ feature which enables each user to share their best score via Facebook and spark a competitive streak amongst friends and colleagues to get the highest rank.
Goodfellow’s Marketing Manager, Joel Aleixo commented, “In celebration of the recent 150th anniversary, we wanted to create a fun and interactive game for users of all ages to enjoy and test their knowledge on the periodic table. The new updates will provide an even greater challenge.”
According to Goodfellow Technical Manager Dr. Aphrodite Tomou, the game is based around using the periodic table as a source of innovation, which is so central to the company’s relationship with its customers. “To be competitive in the marketplace, customers are constantly looking for new, innovative ways of dealing with the challenges of today, whether through new material applications or entirely new products and materials. The Goodfellow technical team and its wide range of digital tools, such as the Mr. Material app, is set up to assist them in that pursuit.”
Mr. Material is available to download for free either through the App Store or Google Play.

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