Royal Society of Medicine convenes global Covid-19 clinical conference

An international Covid-19 conference to consolidate key clinical learnings from across the globe will take place online on Monday 27 July from 16.00 hrs to 18.15 hrs (UK time). Hosted by the Royal Society of Medicine, the conference will draw together an international faculty of leading clinicians to distil the evidence and consider the lessons learned from the respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological responses to Covid-19.

The conference is being held in collaboration with major US medical education and research centres the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic. The aim is to help clinicians across the world prepare for and mitigate the impact of future outbreaks of the disease. The programme of panel discussions will include an update on current Covid-19 research and vaccine development, together with future management strategies.

International businessman and philanthropist Dr Moshe Kantor, whose charitable foundation is supporting the conference, will open the programme which will include speakers from the UK, US, India, and Continental Europe.
Dr Kantor said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges, and it is crucial to support the community that is fighting this virus from the front lines. Ensuring that the experiences and learnings of these clinicians and medical professionals from some of the worst affected areas reach as many of their colleagues facing similar problems in other parts of the world, is so important. Collaboration beyond borders, without regard for national or commercial interests, will be critical to solving the problems that Covid-19 has created, which is why the Kantor Charitable Foundation is honoured to support this event.”  
Professor Sir Simon Wessely, President of the Royal Society of Medicine, said: “The world has been rocked by the Covid-19 crisis, the worst pandemic in more than a century. Clinicians across the globe have had to make difficult treatment decisions, without prior knowledge of the disease. This conference will allow the global medical community to come together, share the lessons learned in important clinical areas and make firm recommendations to minimise the impact of further Covid-19 waves and future pandemics.”
The RSM Covid-19 International Conference is free to register for all delegates. There is more information about the programme on the conference web page.

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