Goodfellow Confirms Membership In The BSI UK Graphene Group

Leading research materials supplier, Goodfellow, has announced it is a member of the UK-China Joint Working Group on the Graphene standardisation

The BSI Graphene Program, launched in 2017, aims to “conduct research into how standards can help support UK innovators accelerate the rate of commercialization of graphene applications”.

Goodfellow’s involvement not only underpins the quality and high standards of its own Graphene, but also shows its commitment to facilitating innovation for science and industry.
Joel Aleixo, Global Marketing Manager at Goodfellow, commented: “Standardisation and guidelines of any material used in research and development can only fuel growth and use, and ultimately, innovation – which is a big part of what we support here at Goodfellow.
“We’re happy for our own materials to be held up to these standards, as it helps us ensure we’re providing the best quality, and helps our customers trust they’re getting the best of the best.”
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