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Visions of Discovery: a celebration of research images

'Visions of Discovery', a new exhibition featuring stunning images arising from biological and medical research, has opened at the University of Dundee.

From bacteria to brain tumours and from chromosomes to cancer cells, Visions of Discovery shows images of bioscience research produced by University of Dundee researchers based in the Colleges of Life Sciences and Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing. The exhibition shows the results of the Visions of Discovery competition held among staff and postgraduate students across the two colleges.

‘The images give some fascinating insights into key research areas, and remind us just how beautiful nature really is,’ said Dr Jenny Woof, co-organizer of the exhibition and competition, and Reader in Immunology in the Division of Medical Sciences at the University's Medical School, Ninewells Hospital.

Entrants were encouraged to submit images relating to their research, resulting in an array of entries reflecting work in subjects ranging from deadly parasites to cells of our immune system, from nerve cells to microtubules in the gut and from dying cells to fruit fly embryos.

‘The subject matter ranges from the large right down to the incredibly small, and from the clinically relevant through to images that illuminate our basic understanding of the cell,’ said Dr Paul Andrews, competition and exhibition co-organizer, and a senior scientist in the Drug Discovery Unit in the College of Life Sciences.

The exhibition is being held in the Dalhousie Building on Old Hawkill from November 13th until January 2010.

Prizesaree awarded for the best overall image and the best PhD student entry, among others. Judges for the competition were Dr Ken Arnold, Head of Public Programmes, Wellcome Trust; Rose Taylor, Creative Director of the Science Photo Library; Dr Bernd Pulverer, Editor of Nature Cell Biology; and Professor Anne Anderson, Head of the College of Art, Science and Engineering at the University of Dundee.

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