Drug discovery in the era of Facebook—new tools for scientific networking

Stephen Carney

This article is involved with the impact that social networking is beginning to make on drug discovery process. While bioinformaticsand chemoinformatics underpin research at a scientific level, rapid communication between individual researchers across continents now allows the global exchange of ideas, tools and technologies.Networking at this level of speed and reach is quite a recent phenomenon. It facilitates the developmentof common interests, accelerates technology transfer and increases cooperative and competitive behaviour. The article critically evaluates different web-based networking approaches as effectivere sources for the drug discovery scientist.




This article reviews current trends in scientific networking, particularly in relation to pharmaceutical research by individual chemists and biologists. They examine a range of networking sites and highlight features that have the potential to benefit individual scientists and their collective research efforts.

Within the article the authors define a networking website as one where individuals have an online presence that is visible to all who have access to the site. This presence may range from a name on a list of contacts to an ‘online conversation’ on message boards or blogs. Networking is possible either by linking one individual to another enabling one-to-one contact or by being made aware of groups and organisations that are working on similar problems, either as competitors or potential collaborators.

The following interactive networking sites are considered for their utility in drug discovery research:

i) General social networking sites
ii) Business networking sites
iii) General science and/or medicine networking sites
iv) Drug-discovery-specific networking sites



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11 November 2014
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05 April 2010
very nicely written

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