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Silence Therapeutics receives notice of allowance for RNAi patent

Silence Therapeutics announced recently that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued them a notice of allowance on a patent application covering a novel cancer target.

Known as PKN-3, the target is a protein kinase C-related molecule that is believed to play an important part in the growth of cancer cells and metastasis formation. The allowed subject matter is directed to, among other things, methods of treating cancer with siRNA or antisense molecules that target the PKN-3 mRNA.

The claims cover the siRNA molecule in Silence's lead clinical compound, Atu027, an RNAi therapeutic that targets PKN-3 for the treatment of advanced solid tumors.

‘This action by the USPTO is the latest step in Silence's establishment of a proprietary and compelling RNAi therapeutic franchise which includes PKN-3 for the treatment of cancer. This development strengthens our dominant intellectual property position surrounding PKN-3, while specifically enhancing our global protection for Atu027, our Phase I candidate,’ said Philip Haworth, Ph.D., CEO of Silence Therapeutics.

‘At the same time, this milestone serves to supplement our already broad and diverse global RNAi intellectual property portfolio and enhances the significant proprietary position that this portfolio affords.’

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