Gary Impey

Gary Impey

Director, Pharmaceutical & CRO MS Business?AB SCIEX

Patrick Rudewicz

Patrick Rudewicz

Elan Pharmaceuticals, Director, DMPK


Industrialized Global Metabolite ID Solutions in the New Drug Discovery and Development Paradigm.

Duration: 1 hours

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The ability to conduct fast metabolic stability assessment and reactive metabolite detection is an indispensable approach in improving attrition rates and avoiding idiosyncratic adverse drug reactions in new drug entities. While it is possible to screen & eliminate labile compounds through traditional metabolic stability assays, it is also crucial to identify the metabolic soft-spots on the compound which may contribute to accelerated metabolism.  Access to such metabolic soft-spot data is invaluable in accelerating the discovery process as it provides the information needed to re-engineer more viable compounds in an efficient manner.

This webinar explores the use of simultaneous HRMS Quant-Qual workflows for  metabolic stability screening. This breakthrough solution allows for the application of completely generic high resolution mass spec methodology to acquire high quality quantitative and qualitative data simultaneously, thereby facilitating metabolic soft-spot analysis.  Discover how to advance soft-spot analysis to new levels of speed, efficiency and depth of data with the AB SCIEX TripleTOF™ 5600 and MetabolitePilot™ software.  

Who should attend:

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences scientists currently applying  LC/MS/MS based solutions to metabolite ID within the early drug discovery stage and who are looking to implement faster, more sensitive, high resolution accurate mass based workflows in metabolite identification.


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