Stephen Carney

Stephen Carney

Managing Editor, Drug Discovery Today

Ellis Meng, PhD

Ellis Meng, PhD

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, USC

Eric Martel, PhD

Eric Martel, PhD

Director of Pharmacology, CERB


Drug Delivery: enabling technology for discovery and development

Duration: 1 hours

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The integration of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic parameters in non clinical pharmacology studies is a key aspect in drug discovery for efficacy and safety assessment, in the particular for the translation from the non clinical to the clinical field. Modeling the profile of plasma exposure achieved with the intended therapeutic route often requires the use of intravenous infusion. In addition, in most cases infusion parameters (infusion rate, volume, duration and sequences) need to be customized to achieve the appropriate pattern of plasma drug exposure. When pharmacodynamic parameters are recorded by telemetry, the use of implantable pumps rather than external pumps is necessary to preserve the improvement in physiological data recording offered by telemetry.

Advanced drug delivery infusion pumps suitable for use in small research animals can provide on-demand administration of drug directly to the site of interest. This presentation will describe recent developments in microfabricated drug infusion pumps with integrated sensors for dose measurement that enables closed-loop drug delivery.

Who should attend:

Drug discovery scientists – PK, PD, PK/PD, DMPK
Drug development especially Preclinical
Drug delivery scientists
Translational Scientists
Pharmaceutical scientists evaluating agents in-vivo
Academic and researchers requiring continuous infusion or regular injections

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