Informatics Features for August 2009

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Drug Discovery Today: highlighted review. ‘Metabolite-likeness’ as a criterion in the design and selection of pharmaceutical drug libraries

This highlighted review from Drug Discovery Today by Dobson, Patel and Kell outlines how "metabolite-likeness" in an analogous manner to "drug-likeness" and "lead-likeness" can be used to improve the value of compound libraries design by incorporating features of endogenous metabolites ("endogenites")

Most downloaded review Q1 2009: Target discovery from data mining approaches

The most downloaded review article from Drug Discovery Today from the first quarter of 2009 deals with the topic of target discovery from the informatics perspective. It would be difficult to overstate the value to Pharma of identifying and validating the most relevant therapeutic targets. In this article, Yang, Adelstein and Kassis outline text mining, its value and limitations and application to target discovery. In addition, they cover the field of emerging and integrated data mining approaches.