Target Identification/ Validation News for July 2009

Target Identification/ Validation News Archive

Innovative partnership targets cancer-causing 'chaperones'

Cancer Research Technology and The Institute of Cancer Research have recently announced a major research collaboration with AstraZeneca. The three partners will combine their expertise to discover and develop potential new anti-cancer drugs to target molecular ‘chaperones’ that support the growth of cancer cells.

Domainex collaboration on novel drug targets

Domainex today announced a collaboration on new exciting drug discovery programmes with the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre and The Institute of Cancer Research to identify and develop inhibitors of two recently validated breast cancer targets, tankyrase and IKK-epsilon.

Nematode foreplay caught on camera Nematode foreplay caught on camera

Researchers studying the nervous control of nematode mating behaviour have produced video footage of a male worm preparing to mate with a hermaphrodite.